Friday, June 18, 2010

Ahh, Retirement-again!

I seem to remember, several posts back, stating that I absolutely, positively, was not going to return to work after my last gig training a newbie. But....I got yet another call from my former boss and she wanted me to go to another location and do just a little training for 2 days so I said yes. I mean, come on, folks-before you judge me, remember that it was only for 2 days and I got paid travel time and I didn't have to drive (drove up with the boss) so how could I say no? Damn this work ethic!

So on Wednesday, we drove up the coast to a small business for training day. I spent about 2 hours in the business office, sitting in the corner and twiddling my fingers, watching the office staff work and give me the hairy eyeball because they knew something was afoot and they didn't know what my role in the drama would be. Finally my boss came in from her meeting and told me that one of the people I was supposed to work with was not there that day and I wouldn't be doing anything that day. So I sat for another 2 hours while she finished up with her meeting and we drove home-they paid me a lot of money to sit in an office and twiddle my fingers. I wish I had brought my DS. At least I got a really good lunch out of the day-a chicken and artichoke salad in a restaurant that I normally avoid because it's so expensive-it's the kind with a martini bar and real tablecloths.

So we head back up the coast bright and early Thursday and at least everyone is present for training. I sat in on a meeting trying to look attentive and intelligent; I've learned over the years that the best way to do that is to look at anyone who is talking and to keep my own mouth securely shut. There was one woman at the meeting that my boss warned me about-she's worked there for years doing the same work and she is very resistant to any changes to her job. She had a complete meltdown when we told her that her job would be changing quite a bit. Seriously-I thought she would start crying at any moment, which I hate. Women have enough problems in the business world without crying at the drop of a hat. So the meeting comes to an end and Crying Woman looks like she's about to have a stroke, then she looks just plain pissed off, and we return to the office where I have my little training session. It was very, very awkward.

Every time I told the staff about a procedure I wanted them to follow, someone would pipe in a nd say "we already do that". It got very annoying and I had to tell them that since I didn't know what their current procedures were, that I would probably give them a lot of advice that they didn't need; but my boss insisted that I follow a plan and go over certain specific items. I'm so glad it was only a 2 day gig because these people really did not want me to be there. more work for me-again!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Runniversary to me!

I quit working yesterday. I imparted as much wisdom and common sense and accounting secrets as I could and my protege is now ready to fly solo. So this morning was my first run in over a week. I wish I could say it felt good but it didn't; my legs felt heavy and I was sluggish and slow, even for me. So the new plan is a week of easy 4 milers and then I'll start building up my mileage again.

May 30 was my runniversary. In my modest little first running log I wrote this entry:

"I did it! I ran the full length of Euc. (short for Eucalyptus street) without stopping. I can do this-I think I'll be running 2 miles soon."

That run was right at 1 mile and thus, the start of my running career. 4 years later, I'm still running. If you had told me on that day that I would someday complete a marathon I would have laughed and considered that just crazy talk. It's been an interesting journey, usually fun, sometimes painful, but always interesting. I hope I'll be celebrating my runniversary many years from now.