Friday, May 14, 2010

Work is a Drag

Sadly, my new work gig is putting a serious dent in my ability to run. I can't manage more than maybe 5 miles in the morning before work and trying to run after work is impossible, mostly because I hate running in the evening almost as much as I hate the deadmill. So I'm going to keep knocking out those pre-dawn 5 milers and try to squeeze in a longer run on the weekends. I'm thinking that if I can't maintain the kind of mileage that I want, maybe this is a good time to work on my speed. I've only been back to work for 1 week and already I can't wait for it to be done so I can go back to loafing on the sofa, watching Dr. Phil and eating bon bons.

As for my trainee, she's a very nice girl who is a quick learner. And-how about this-of all the gazillion or so people that I've trained to be cubicle monkeys, she is the only one that thanked me for training her! That's right, she actually said "Thank you for taking the time to train me. I appreciate that you're being so patient with me".

Give me a moment here as I wipe a tear from my eye....


Sarah said...

Isn't it nice to be appreciated?? Hope she picks it up quickly so that you can get back to running and Dr. Phil. :)

Jill said...

It's funny. I just switched to morning running because all my team training runs and the big M will be early in the morning. I used to always run after work for a couple reasons. One- I am NOT a morning person. (but I think I'm changing that) and Two - I LOVED to run off my work. I would be so exhausted and stressed out at the end of each day and to run just made it right. I would be energized and happy after my runs. :) And I enjoyed my evenings.
However, it seems to be so windy now in the evenings. I don't miss running in the wind. :)

I like your trainee. I think she's going to do well! And so will you no matter when you have to sneak your runs in. :)