Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barbie doll pink

I did an 18 miler on Friday and it was good. I was tired; I was sore; but I did it, running 3 mile stretches and then walking while drinking Cytomax and chowing down on GU Chomps. It took forever but I did it. Yay me!

I also got new shoes-Asics Nimbus 11, and they're great. I love them except for one minor detail, which leads to an open letter to the Asics company:

Dear Asics Company:

I love your shoes. I really do. They've kept me comfortably running for some time now with nary a black toenail and practically no blisters. I just have one tiny, minor,trifling complaint. Do you HAVE to trim the shoes in Barbie Doll Pink and glittery silver? Would it be possible to make a pair in, oh, I don't know, how about plain WHITE? Or gray, or blue-anything but pink. Because that was the only color my FNRS had in stock and I really wanted a new pair of shoes. the nice clerk warned me that they were bright pink before he pulled them out of the box, but I wasn't prepared and dear God they are PINK!

You see, Asics Company, when these shoes have lost their bounce for running, they will become my walking around grocery shopping and walk to the post office shoes. I will wear them around people who don't run. Those people will be staring at my pink clad feet, wondering what I was thinking when I bought them because the shoes are so stinking pink. I do not want people staring at me feet. Can you please, PLEASE tone down the colors?

Thank you.

Sincerely, lastplacerunner.


Sarah said...

I must admit...I love pink. :) My current shoes are white and the trim is silver and green. :(

Re: your comment on my blog, I have NEVER heard them called yum yums! That is so strange! I am in the northeast and have always heard them called s'mores. Where is your husband from? Very strange... :)

robison52 said...

Your letter to ASICS reminds me of my grand-daughter (who is now 10 years old) always saying, "they are nice, but I'm not girly-girly."

greentigress said...

LOL - good way to recycle your old shoes!! I wear MBT's and i don't know - they're expensive - trainers do seem to be the next best thing!!

Bob Hazen said...

OMG! Here I thought I was the only one who thought running shoe colors are bizarre!