Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hubby Humor

I really love my husband-he's the greatest guy, and while he is not a runner, he supports my passion completely and he tries to understand as best as a non runner can. Hubby does, however, possess a wicked sense of humor and he knows that I'm just the teensiest bit sensitive about my lack of speed. So, keeping that in mind, here's the conversation we had yesterday while grazing through the free samples at Costco-or what I like to call a "cheap date":

Me: Honey, you're walking really slow-like really, REALLY slow. I know you like to look at everything, but this is ridiculous. Can't you pick up the pace a bit? I don't think I can walk that slowly.

Hubby: You can't walk that slow? Well, why don't you just run-that should solve the problem.

It took me just a moment to realize that what the Hubster was saying was that my running pace is slower than my walking pace.

Yeah, he's a funny, funny guy..


robison52 said...

My wife doesn't run either, but she would love to see me heavier as she thinks I look frail and underfed. I wish my wife is more supportive like your husband. You are lucky to have him!

Sarah said...

I have to admit...I chuckled at your husband's humor. :)

I am a slow runner too...I have come to embrace it. Sometimes on my long runs I start to wonder if I am actually moving at all. ;)