Thursday, October 8, 2009

200th Blogiversary

My last post was my 200th post. I had this whole thing planned in celebration-my favorite posts, some great comments from famous people, cake and ice cream; honestly, it was going to be really, really great. We were all going to have so much fun! But somehow, I missed the magic 200th post and I wasted it on a silly post about Biggest Loser. Now, you'll all have to wait for my 300th Blogiversary, and I'm not sure I can pull the party together like I had planned for the 200th Blogiversary. I'm so sorry, faithful readers-I know how dissapointed you all are. And I was even going to bake the best chocolate chip cookies you have ever eaten-seriously, if you were a condemned person and you were requesting your last meal, you would ask for only one thing-my chocolate chip cookies. Now you'll just have to use your imagination to realize how much fun we would have had. I was even going to have pony rides..


Sarah said...

Pony rides!!! You mean...we mised out on pony rides! No Fair!

Can we have a bounce house for your 300th??

greentigress said...

I want chocolate chip cookies to make up for the lost party :-(