Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I worked as a volunteer all weekend for a car show; it supports a good cause (our local hospice) and all my friends were there, either as volunteers or exhibiting a car. After we spent an exhausting afternoon marking the golf course for the cars on Saturday, I was up and at my post Sunday morning, checking in the cars and handing our exhibitors packets. Every driver, WITH ONE EXCEPTION, was friendly and helpful with information about their cars. So.....this is an open letter to the ONE UNFRIENDLY TOOL gentleman I encountered:

Dear Sir:

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with me as I tried to check in your car for the show. I failed to recognize your car as a BMW and I called it an Audi and you got very angry. You made a nasty and insulting comment about hiring the handicapped. I would just like to clarify a few points with you:

1. I was not hired for this car show. I volunteered. Not only did I volunteer, but I volunteered to help line up cars on the golf course, not check them in. I got recruited to check in cars when that volunteer did not show up; that is why I could not answer any of your stupid assed, lame pertinant questions.

2. I apologize for not recognizing that your car was a BMW. I guess that after spending all morning checking in really interesting cars like Duesenbergs, a beautiful coffin nosed Cord, and a veritible herd of vintage Ferraris, your boring, off the street, nuthin special except the grotesque pricetag BMW just didn't register on my Special Car Radar.

3. I also apologize for not having a packet ready for you with a pre-printed dash card. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you REGISTER LATE for an event. I did not have a nice felt tipped pen to fill out the blank dash card because the organizers did not provide one for me and I did not know I might need one; otherwise I would have brought my own from home. I hope you didn't mind that I listed the make and model of your car as a 1966 Dodge Dart.

4. Yes, I do know how to spell BMW. I spell it J-E-R-K.


Sarah said...

Yikes! Did you give it to him in person or were you nice? Sounds like a complete jerk! Was he really as bad as he sounds?

Tanya said...

Hi Sarah-I was nice, and he was actually worse than I portrayed him; I didn't want to post some of the actual language he used because some of my faithful readers would probaby be offended by the four letter words..

WendyBird said...

Yuck! You can take comfort in the fact that what goes around comes around and it sounds like this guy has a lot of s**t headed his way :-)

greentigress said...

and he didn't even give you a tip to go towards the charity?????

The Running Bob said...

Are you sure he wasn't driving a Hummer? This sounds like a confrontation I had with a Hummer driver who expected a front parking spot at an event.

Mountain Mama said...

I LOL when I read your post. It was so Tanya. By the by, I am giong to start bloigging again since my job has fizzled out for the winter. Hey am I written in stone for Nov. 22 or just penciled in. Luv U Mom