Friday, March 12, 2010

The Office

I've managed some pretty decent short runs outdoors this week; I've been going to work around 9:00 am and thus I can run in the morning which I prefer to evening runs. My boss is on vacation so there's no one at work to complain about my late appearances. Since I'm a short timer it doesn't matter anyway. I've been working at the cashier's counter these last 2 weeks and I really do hate cashiering-but only a couple of more weeks and I'll be free once again!

I've been a fan of The Office since the first season. The show used to make me want to cry a little because I could so easily relate to every character-I've worked with every one of those people at different periods in my career, including Dwight. While Dwight is really funny to watch on the show, he's creepy and scary to work with in real life. I could tell you about one incident with my real life Dwight but I'm afraid you might not believe me.

The office I work in now is not so much like the TV version; my co-workers are a pretty quiet, average group of hard working, capable women. My former work place, however, was the one that was almost exactly like the show. My former boss was a female Micheal Scott. She never did any actual work except at the end of the month when we were closing our books; then she put in a couple of days of actual, real work. One day, she came to work with a rubberband gun. She started pretending she was a Charlie's Angel (she said she was the Farrah Fawcett angel..)and she ran around the office, hiding behind cubicle walls, and popping out to shoot rubber bands at us. This was while I was buried up to my neck with paperwork for a fleet sale the dealership was doing that involved the sale of 200 cars to a rental company.

I was so angry and frustrated with her behavior and yet I knew there was nothing I could do short of finding another job-my boss, the Charlie's Angel wannabe, was the owner's daughter. This meant that there was no one we could complain to about her ridiculous behavior. The Charlie's Angel phase was only one incident amongst many-seriously, I could be a writer for The Office, and all my episodes would be drawn from experience.

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funderson said...

oh come on! you gotta tell the real life Dwight story now!