Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Obverservations

A few things I realized somewhere between mile 6 and 7 during a slow, tedious 8 mile run today:

  • The intensity of the need to scratch an itch on your back during a run will be in direct proportion to your inability to reach the itch.
  • The awesomeness of your muscled, toned legs after 4 years of running is in direct proportion to the ugliness of your feet after 4 years of running.
  • The importance of the run you want to do as early as possible on any given morning is in direct proportion to the number of issues that will come up that will prevent you from getting out the door and completing the run.
  • The more important and impressive your last race was, the less likely that you will meet up with any runner type people to whom you can brag and who will understand how amazing it was.

Seriously-if any of you, my faithful readers, could see my feet, you would understand the second point. I've considered posting pictures, but I'm pretty sure there's a law against it.


Casey said...

We need pics, sorry. Otherwise, we are just going to assume that your feet are prettier than all of ours and our self-esteem will suffer. ;)

Sarah said...

How bad could they really be??? I have ugly feel and my legs are still chubby! At least you have sexy legs!!! :)

greentigress said...

LOL Tanya - I seem to have dissapeared into the land of joggers in the background en mass around the trails and city... so I don't feel able to brag anyway esp if they are wearing a Tavy 7 tshirt or a 6 moor miles tshirt cos i know they beat me!!! lol

funderson said...

ug...feet...whenever my Bill comments about the horror of my feet I say I've eatned them honest so stick it!

Sherri said...

oh my, the second one about legs and feet, so true!