Friday, July 23, 2010

Horse VS Bird

I'm back to a regular running schedule although my weekly mileage is still only 25 mpw. I'm building my base back up but dang, it's hard-if anyone tells you that you'll be bored and not have anything to do if you retire early, don't believe them; what I've discovered is that generally I'm so busy that I still have stuff on my to-do list by the end of the day.

So, yesterday I went out for an easy 4 miler and who am I trying to kid? They're ALL easy runs for me because I'm so slow. So I'm on my usual route and I round the corner at mile 2 and there's this really nice Palimino in a large pasture right on the corner. The horse was standing in the corner of his pasture with his butt up against the fence. I'm pretty sure he was scratching his butt on the fence post; this is a pretty common activity for horses.

So, there's the horse doing his thing, and between the horse and me was a crow worrying at something on the ground. The crow hopped into the pasture to avoid me and he startled the horse. The horse kicked at him and KILLED THE BIRD! Yup, the horse commited aviary murder right in front of me-Mr. Ed nailed the hapless bird right in the head. I checked on the bird, thinking maybe he was only stunned but he was absolutely, completely, without a doubt dead. No CSI crew was needed to make that assessment.

I happen to like crows because they're so smart and I felt badly for this one. At lease it was a quick death.

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Sherri said...

oh ouch, poor bird