Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ebay obssession

I ran 10 miles yesterday at my usual snail's pace. I now walk up the one big hill on my run and it really makes a difference in how I feel at the end of the run, and surprisingly, it doesn't much affect my overall pace-that's probably the only advantage to being a really slow runner.

Ah, Ebay. Lately I've been so addicted to your siren call. I won an auction just last week and now I'm watching another item that will end today. And I really, REALLY want this particular item. I'm not telling you, faithful readers, what exactly I'm looking at because I don't want you to see it and start bidding against me. I go in spurts with Ebay-I will check for my favorite stuff for weeks without finding anything I absolutely have to own, then suddenly there will be all sorts of goodies that I just can't live without and my "watch" list will be long and varied. So I will spend my day today watching and waiting...watching and waiting...then BAM! Get my bid in and it's mine mine mine!

It makes me think of Lord of the Rings-my precious....gollum gollum


robison52 said...

I strive to live with less material goods; it seems the more stuff we own, the more the stuff owns us! Running is suppose to be relatively cheap, but I still buy running shoes every 400-500 miles, love my Garmin, can't live without my coolmax technical garments, etc. Overall it's cheaper than a sport like golf.

SuperDave said...

You are not slow!
Are you telling me that I'm slow??
I bid on a bike on EBay 2 days ago and somebody stole it out from under me. Oh yeah, It's on now!!!