Monday, April 6, 2009


I did a nice slow 8 miler practically at the crack of dawn today and it was COLD-cold enough that there was still frost on the grass. I had no choice but to run early, and it was Ebay's fault. There was an auction I've been following for days now that closed this morning so my choice was to run before it closed, or after it closed and run in the heat. Given that choice, I'll take the cold any time. And remember-that's California cold, so it was about 50ish degrees.

I got back from my run with plenty of time to watch my auction. I was bidding on a letter written by my ancestor in the 1600's and I really wanted that letter. There was someone else also bidding furiously right along with me and we kept upping each other's bid (he's probably a cousin-who else would want a 400 year old letter?). So I let him keep the high bid for about 2 hours-this gives him confidence, you see, and he might think that I've given up and perhaps he'll leave his final bid and I can POUNCE in there at the last minute and win the auction. So with 10 seconds left, I put in my final bid and I was high bidder-for 5 seconds. That's when cousin #2 out pounced me and entered the winning bid. I hope he enjoys the letter from great (insert several more greats here) grandpa John.


Sarah said...

You must try Auction Sniper! I will automatically put in a last minute bid for you. My husband uses it all the time and loves it. :)

Sorry you didn't win...that stinks. :(

The Running Bob said...

Nice story!

SuperDave said...

Fiddlesticks! What's the odds of someone else bidding on a 400 yr old letter from your family? Wow?
EBAY Auction sniper gets them every time. It's worth the money.
50 degrees! hahahahahaha.. damn you!

Mountain Mama said...

OOOHHHH Tanya I am really sorry you did not get that letter. I would have loved to of seen it. Hang in there maybe another long lost relatives letter will be up for grabs.

Luv U Mom

Sherri said...

You should contact him and see if he really is a cousin!!
I love ebay but it can be dangerous!