Sunday, May 24, 2009

Running naked

I did another 11 miler Friday; it wasn't my best effort and I attribute that to running out of Cytomax and being forced to use Gatorade which I hate; and I didn't have Shot Blox, either. I tried a Powerbar and it sucked like a Hoover-so lesson learned. Stick with what works. I visited my FNRS yesterday, picked up a huge container of Cytomax, and some GU Chomps to sample. The very nice clerk at the store, who happens to be an ultra marathoner, suggested the Chomps and also recommended a post run supplement to sample. I'll let you all know how the Chomps work after my next long run.

So, faithful readers, I know you're piqued by my title. No, I do not run naked. Aside from the legal issues, I do not want to scare the inhabitants of this small community with my bare, pale body. I did, however, cruise over to a website with a video of the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco which is apparently clothing optional. Clearly exhibited in the video were the naked behinds of several men-naked, except for a heart rate strap and running shoes! So I have some questions for anyone who chooses to run in such a minimalist fashion-how do you pin on your race bib? And for the gentlemen-are'nt there some serious bounce issues? I think it could be rather painful to run naked, what with the outdoor plumbing and all that. Seriously-let me know how you guys deal with this stuff-inquiring minds want to know!


The Running Bob said...

In my younger days, say about ten years ago or less, while living outside a Colorado resort town on a country road, I decided to streak in nothing but my Doc Martins on -10 degree night just to see what it was like--at first exhilarating at the thought at getting caught on a clear, crisp moonless night, but, in the end, it was just damn cold!

Yea, I was very young then...early thirties.

By the way, your miles are creeping way up there! Way to go!

Sarah said...

Great post. I have no idea bout naked running...I have never tried it. I think that you pose some interesting questions and would love to hear what the naked runners have to say. :)

Sherri said...

I have always wondered this very think! It seems like it would hurt, for a man or a woman. My boobs (little as they are) would hurt like heck!!! Funny post. I ran upon a race with photos of runners running naked by mistake one time. I would shutter to see a video! ha

greentigress said...

I ran about 5 naked m after a 30 min 50 degree sauna, and after covering myself with snow, lying on my back... i sat there and watched about 10 men do it - through the completely panoramic wall of glass on the outside of the sauna... I didn't see any other women doing it... I like to think of myself as quite brave for that, but i would love to streak through a Villiage main street in the snow, I wonder if i will ever end up in Switzerland again with my sister and we can both go hide our clothes somewhere and run in moon boots - cos the snow is too cold for feet!!!

robison52 said...

My wife won't allow me to run shirtless, not alone nude. She had bought me speedos as a joke several years ago, but the joke backfired as I wanted to wear them swimming...the speedos mysteriously disappeared the next day.

WendyBird said...

Apparently there are guys out there that run in special running kilts and go for the traditional al-fresco approach to what is under it, LOL.
I like the GU Chomps better than the the others I've tried.