Saturday, May 30, 2009

Running Skirts

There were women in running skirts at my last race. This is a rather conservative area and new, risque trends take time to show up here, so I was glad to see the skirt thing finally make it. I happen to like running skirts. I have a couple and they're comfortable and flattering to my pancake butt. Having said that, I can't bring myself to wear one to a race. Wearing a skirt while running around my quiet neighborhood is one thing; wearing one in front of hundreds of runners is an entirely different matter. I'm afraid everyone is going to think I'm one of "those" women-you know what I mean. I don't want to be a middle aged woman who looks like she's trying to dress like her teen aged daughter, or in my case, my young niece. I've reached an age when dressing appropriately is getting just the teensiest bit tricky. I don't want to be dowdy and unfashionable, but I know I can't pull off the latest trend. One fashion accessory too many, and BAM! You're one of "those" women.

I did see a perfect example of "what not to wear" recently. My mom and I were in court yet again to see justice served on a platter to the people who burgled my house in December, and there was a woman in the courtroom who needed a serious make-over. Trust me, after a certain age, skirts should come down squarely to the knees and not an inch shorter, especially when your legs aren't your best feature-or your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best feature. In my case, I happen to have really good legs due to all the running I do, and I still don't wear short skirts. As I've said-it's a very fine line between "wow, she has great legs" and "Holy cow, doesn't she have mirror at home?"


Sarah said...

I always notice people's outfits too. :)

I think you should wear your skirt to a race. I live in small town and I finally saw someone at a race in one too. I remember reading one of your posts about getting your "hot legs". Show those babies off!!!

WendyBird said...

I find the young cuties wear Buns or short shorts so I feel the skirts are on the more conservative side. I wore a skirt to my race yesterday, and took my shirt off to run in my jog bra because it matched my skirt and it was freaking hot. There were lots of skirts on the 40+ set, and lots of bare tummies (although most looked a LOT better than mine, gotta work on that!) Go for the skirt!!