Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Barn Owls

I took an extra day off this week-I didn't run my customary 8 miles yesterday; there just weren't enough hours in the day to squeeze in a run. I finally came home last night and considered trying to knock out a few miles on the deadmill and decided against it. I figured I would be better served to get to bed early and run today instead. So I was out the door early this morning, did 8 miles and felt pretty good. An occasional day off can be a good thing.

My neighbor put up owl boxes a couple of years ago, and he finally had owls move in. There are 6 baby owls in the box who will take flight any day now. This is an actual picture of the occupants-my neighbor is a pretty clever man and he's managed to take several pictures by attaching his camera to a pole, setting the timer, and holding it up to the box opening.

Every night for the last week the neighbors gather at the fence across from my house to watch the owls and wait for them to take their first flight. We bring our wine glasses and sometimes snacks to share; most of the neighbors bring their dogs and we watch them play in the pasture under the owl boxes. If the babies don't come out by nightfall we break up the party and go home, always with the expectation that tomorrow night will be the big night.

I've mentioned that I live in a pretty small town. This gives you an idea of just how small it is-an exciting night here is standing in the street watching an owl box. I wouldn't have it any other way..


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh....that sounds like fun! Those little owls are justg too cute! What a smart way to get a picture of them! Hope you see them fly soon. :)


Marianne said...

That is SO awesome!! And, I really love the idea of the nightly gatherings! You're lucky!! :O)

Lauren said...

They're adorable! The dogs don't scare them off?

Mountain Mama said...

The picture of the owls is so cute. Let me know when they fly. Luv U
Mountain Mama

Tanya said...

Hi Lauren-the owls don't mind the dogs. The owl box is about 10 feet off the ground on a pole; I don't think the babies are aware of the dogs and the mother owl flies around in the trees and also doesn't care about the dogs.

greentigress said...

That is so lovely to read about! I agree that you are lucky!!
The baby owls are gorgeous! i hope you see them fly and they don't go out later in the night!

Sherri said...

How cool to see owls in a nest. fun stuff. yep, it's good to take a day off sometimes. I've taken bunches of them off!! Too many, summer, hot, vacations. lots of reasons. you are doing good.