Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Owls, part 2

The baby owls are flying, and I have a terrific picture to prove it, but I can't get it downloaded so you'll have to take my word for it. According to my neighbor, the barn owl expert, they'll only live here a few more days then mom will kick them out and they're on their own. They'll look much cuter to me when I see one of them with a gopher in his talons.

I haven't run for 2 days. It's ok-I'm not sick or injured, just busy. I'm in the middle of a fall back week and the runs I've missed are short ones anyway so it's still all good. I should be able to get out tomorrow for a run, I haven't decided how many miles yet-I may just leave the Garmin home and run until I don't feel like running any more.

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Mountain Mama said...

Hey there, Can you email the picture of the owls or mail me a copy and I can get it downloaded on my blog???? Luv U Mom

Mountain Mama