Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another day in court

I ran an easy, slow 12 miler yesterday; no running today! Next week is a half marathon race, a very small local race in which I've always placed last or almost last. Then marathon training starts!

I had yet another day in court, following up on the thieving, lying pondslime misguided soul who stole my stuff and sold it around the county. This was supposed to be the day when she gets sentenced and I'm allowed to make a comment or two; I was dreading it because speaking before a group of people is the one thing that will bring me to the point of fainting. But I steeled myself for it, prepared a short comment and decided to just do it.

So I sitting in court and I notice she's not sitting with the rest of the defendants in their customary orange jumpsuits. And then, she walks in-a free woman, allowed to mingle with those of us who follow the law and stay out of trouble. And she sits down-right next to me. She doesn't know who I am, so her choice of seats was purely random. But I certainly know her. This is what I wanted to do-I wanted to throw her to the floor, put my knee across her neck and ask her what she did with my stuff. However, being a court of law, with bailiffs and judges and such, I decided that was probably a poor choice and I got up and moved to a different seat.

And to top it all off, she got yet another court date. Nothing was settled; no sentence was handed down; and she's on the streets to continue to steal. So much for justice.


Dustie said...

wow. i can't imagine the strength it must have took for you to hold yourself together. What willpower. It's not fair that she is still walking around free - she should be in jail until that is decided!

Sarah said...

Well...that just stinks. I can't even imagine what you must have felt when she sat down next to you. You are one strong lady to resist kicking her butt. You are very to kind to only call her a "misguided soul".

Mountain Mama said...

Did your Mommy teach you nothing. Did she not ever tell you there is no justice? Shame on her!!!!

Mountain Mama