Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Challenged by a dog

I encounter dogs frequently on my runs-nothing unusual in that. For the most part, the dogs in my neighborhood are friendly and contained by fences; the occasional loose dog is not a threat. I am, however, careful when I see a dog I don't know. I will usually stop running and cross the street and just stay away from them, just in case. Today's encounter was unique. As I ran down a residential street, a Bassett Hound came charging down his driveway to engage me in battle. Yes, that's right-a Bassett Hound-long, floppy ears, sad sack eyes, and stumpy little legs. He charged me, doing the weirdest bark/howl the whole time. He stopped just at the edge of his driveway, bark howling and standing his ground. It stopped me in my tracks-he was so comical I had to laugh. I mean, seriously-I know I'm a slow runner, but I'm pretty sure in a race between me and a Basset Hound, I would smoke him. His legs were, oh, I don't know-maybe 2 inches long. When I stopped running he seemed satisfied that he had properly protected the family estate from peril and he calmly walked up the driveway without even a glance in my direction. What a funny, silly looking dog!

And, another funny thing today-while driving in the big city with Hubby, we saw a vanity license plate that read "RUN4UST". I was trying to puzzle out the meaning of the plate without much success when Hubby figured it out-RUN4UST=run, Forrest! It absolutely has to be a runner that would have a vanity plate like that!


Sarah said...

Too funny! I have never been challenged by a basset hound. :) I think that would be one of the few breeds I could outrun. :)

greentigress said...

RUN 4UST is the funniest number plate ever!!
I think the usa has a lot of personal plates, i saw 007 in Florida!!

Lucky said...

What a great story. I was chased by a basset hound when I was a kid and it wasn't so comical then but it brought back memories of how I outsmarted that hell-hound. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. I just started my first blog chronicling my training for my first half marathon so I have been reading other runner's blogs and have enjoyed the stories. If you wanted to look at mine it's http://roadtowrightpatt.blogspot.com. Keep running and God bless!

Mr. Patrick said...

Haha very funny! Great story! That reminds me of the time I was running at night and couldn't see very well. I heard some rustling in the bushes next to me when an animal popped out! I think my heart rate reached levels that it doesn't even reach during a sprint!
However, the animal quickly hopped away and I discovered it was a cute little bunny rabbit!