Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last place again-WOOT!

I just ran the Guadalupe half marathon this morning, and I'm very happy to report that I regained my title of last place runner! That's right, faithful readers, I came in dead. freakin. last. again. Don't get me wrong-I'm not complaining. There is some glory in last place. All the course volunteers are really, really happy to see you go by; it means they can go home. And I made one CHP officer's day-he blocks traffic on the one road on the course so runners can cross safely. He was schmoozing with the water stop ladies when I approached. After stopping a couple of cars for me, as I crossed the road I told him I was the last runner. A huge grin broke out on his face and I heard him tell the volunteers that he was going home.

There was one last volunteer on the course at the 2 mile mark to make sure we all turned left. I told him I was the last runner. He asked "are you sure there's no one else?" Yes, I was sure. I think I'm capable of figuring out on an out and back course that if I see no one going the other way after I make the turnaround, then I am indeed the last runner. It was a little embarrassing as I crossed the finish line; the volunteers and a lot of the runners were cheering me on as if I was breaking records at Boston. Honestly, they can skip that part. Just let me cross the finish line and let's get on with the awards ceremony. I'm thinking that next year I'm going to tell the race director not to wait for me to come in before she starts handing out awards..I'm pretty sure I'll hold on to my last place title next year.


Allen said...

Congrats on completing the half, Tanya! Since you have no control over who else is running, there is nothing wrong with being last. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with not being first. As you pointed out, being last means you get a lot of special attention that nobody else got.

Sarah said...

Congrats on a great finish! I always love reading your blog entries...your sense of humor just cracks me up.

Mountain Mama said...

Being last is O.K. I am so proud of you for just getting out and doing this. Your day will come and you will come in first.

Luv U

Mountain Mama

robison52 said...

You're progressing well, and shouldn't concern yourself with your placing. The person I'm always trying to beat is myself, if I can improve by even one second than I'm a winner. I'm sure you'll improve to beat your time at this race next year.

Brandi Y said...

But you completed a half marathon! That is amazing! I can't motivate myself enough to get off my but to run even a couple of miles lately, and you ran over 13! Congrats!

The Running Bob said...

I loved that post! Pure fun. You need to put it on Runner's World "The Loop" bloggers!,8091,,00.html

One never reads about the last place finisher.

I'm on the mend, focused and getting re-charged. I'm convincing a couple of friends to run Vegas as well -- should be fun!