Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beeg Doggie

I did a very nice 9 miler early this morning, to avoid our current heat wave-it's been in the upper 70s the last few days and spring is definitely here. All in all it was a very good run so the sacrificed chicken and old running shoes I burned on the altar to the Running Gods must have worked.

I always see a lot of hispanic women on my earlier runs as they walk their grandchildren to school. This morning, around mile 5, a woman with 3 small children in tow and one in a stroller stopped me on my run. "There is a beeg doggie", she said, pointing up the road. "A beeg, mean doggie; bark! bark!". Yes, she barked to show me how mean the doggie was. I asked her if the doggie was loose on the street. "No, he ees in yard, but he ees beeg and mean. He scares the ninos". I realized she was probably talking about a shepard mix who challenged me every time I ran by his house-he was indeed beeg and mean, and he could easily jump the fence surrounding his property if he was smart enough to realize he could do it.

I thanked the lady for the warning and assured her I would be careful. I found her concern to be rather sweet, and from now on the shepard mix has the new name of Beeg Doggie.


Nikemom said...

I could've swore the beeg doggie down the road from me was gone...but no such luck. He makes my hairs stand on end. It's an eerie feeling. I call him the kujo-dog. :D

Mountain Mama said...

Hey there. When I lived in Grover on my early A.M. walk there were two big dogs out in the front of there apartment, no leash and no fence, I thought they had me a couple times. Luv U mom

Sarah said...

That is so funny. How sweet of her to warn you. :)

Last summer I was running and a man coming from the other direction warned me of a snake ahead. I am terrified of snakes. If anyone was watching me attempting to run around it they were probably hysterical.

Sarah said...

Also...I gave you an award on my blog. :)

Lily on the Road said...

How sweet of her to warn you, that took a lot of courage for her!