Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Plan

Picking the right plan to train for a marathon is tough. There's too many choices, to many variables to consider. I finally chose a plan by Hal Higdon and figured ok, no worries; it's any easy beginner's plan that won't kill me in the preparation. Let's let the marathon itself attempt to kill me.

Then I had second thoughts. I had 2 concerns with the plan-it only built up to 35 mile weeks, and many of the long runs were 50% of the total miles for that week. I know from training for half marathons that I need lots of time on the road to really feel ready, and while this plan would probably get me to the finish line it would'nt do it very comfortably.

So I started looking for a new plan, one with more weekly mileage. I found one that builds up to 45 miles, but it seems too aggressive. I need something between these 2 plans-sort of like Goldilocks looking for the bed that's just right. I'll have to do some major tweakage with this second plan to get it to fit my needs. Mostly I'll add several weeks so I can get used to the high mileage. One of the things I like about the second plan is it comes with a base building plan I can jump into now; I'm fairly close to the biggest week in that plan. Once I get to that week I can maintain that weekly mileage until I start the marathon training plan.

Of course, this could all change tomorrow...


Sarah said...

Sounds like you are going to do a great job tailoring a plan to meet your needs. :) I look forward to reading all about your training!

SuperDave said...

I know what you mean about the plans out there. Of course I'm running the half and not the full. When I looked at plans, some were lots of miles and some were too little. I ended up tweaking a few plans and made up my own. Most marathon plans have a 20 miler as the peak(long run) before the marathon. What I have read though is that people that increased their mileage to 23-26(long run) before a race did much better and didn't "tank" at the end than the people that followed the 20 mile plan.
My goal is to run 1-13 miler and 1-14 miler before I run my first half.

Lily on the Road said...

I could send you my marathon training plan if you want.

email me;


if you want to...I'd be happy to send it to you.