Sunday, March 1, 2009

Biggest Loser Controversy

Today's run was a nice, slow, easy 3 miler. I'll go into a fall back week, cut back on the miles, than back at it again-Hopefully my next long run will be 10 miles.

I know some of you, my faithful readers, watch Biggest Loser. I've been a fan of the show since it's first season, when I would watch while exercising on my elliptical. I've always found it inspirational and I admire the contestants, as well as the coaches. I've fantasized about having Bob as a trainer for a marathon. However, the controversy regarding Dane, the last contestant to be booted from the show, and his "marathon", ticks me off.

At the end of last week's show, they said that Dane completed a marathon with a time of 3:53. I was surprised and a little confused. I wondered just how much Dane had been running at the ranch to be ready to train for and run a marathon, and I couldn't believe he had that kind of time for a first marathon-I figured he must be a natural runner, to post that kind of time his first time out. But there he was, crossing the finish line with his wife, and proudly posing with his medal.
Then it all comes out-the producers actually picked Dane up in a van and drove him a portion of the course, something like 3 miles, then let him out to "finish" the race for the cameras.

What really annoyed me was Danes wife explaining that if Dane hadn't been held up during the race by the film crew filming at water stops and such, he would have been able to finish the race, so therefore, he did in fact finish the race. He did not finish the race. He and his wife were disqualified, as they should be. I just wish that when the producers tried to get Dane and his wife to go for a ride in the van, that they had said no thanks and finished the race under their own power. Even if they didn't make it in under the 6 hour limit, at least they could have said they did in fact complete a marathon distance. There's no shame in coming in last or not finishing in the time alloted. There's a great deal of shame in accepting a ride in a van and then posing with a smile and a finisher's medal around your neck. And that fantastic time they credited Dane with? His actual time was closer to the 6 hour mark. No shame there, either, if he had actually finished the race.


The Running Bob said...

That is absolute crap! I wonder what else they manipulate on the show?

Mountain Mama said...

Tanya, its Mommy, I screwed up on the comments I made on your last story. So here goes again, in regards to the car getting stuck, no we did not take the bus, the car was fine, it was just stuck. Remind me of the time you are referring to on the bus, maybe it will jog my memory. I think we had a Jeep Wagoneer at the time. Luv U Mom

robison52 said...

I wonder if the name of the show "Biggest Loser" means those who cheat and lie are the biggest losers.

SuperDave said...

I was much upset over the marathon thing to. <4 hours for a marathon is pretty speedy. It was sad that they even used the coverage. I am glad that they admitted their mistake and fessed up. What's even more sad is that they got into the van in the first place.