Saturday, March 28, 2009


As promised, I'm going to review one of the freebies I got at the last health fair-Cytomax. It's a powder designed to be dissolved in water and you drink it during and after running. So I mixed it up and dumped it in my water bottle, figuring my 9 miler on Friday would be a good day to check it out. I modified my run a bit so that I was at the in law's house a 1/2 mile into the run, allowing me to stash my water bottle in their mailbox. my loop takes me by their house about every 2 miles making it a good place for a water stop.

I FORCED myself to run slow from the get go. I have a habit of starting out way too fast on my long runs so naturally I usually burn out early and struggle at the end of a long run. My goal was to keep my heart rate below 140. So off I go and soon I was back at the water stash and ready for a chug of Cytomax. It actually tastes pretty good, a mild lemon flavor that went well with the Clif shot bloks I was also using. I don't know if the Cytomax break at 2 mile intervals helped or the fact that I kept my pace incredibly slow, but I felt really good at mile 9 and decided to bump it up to a 10 miler. I completed the 10 miler with no aches or pains and finished the last of the Cytomax on my walk home. All in all it was an excellent run and now I'm hooked on both Cytomax and Shot blocs. My heart rate did go over 140 a few times as the elevation increased so I wasn't successfull with that, but I can continue to work on it.

Next week is a fall back week-all easy short runs and an extra rest day-yay!


Nikemom said...

Thanks for the review. I'll have to check it out! :D

The Running Bob said...

At the P.F. Chang's Half, I exclusively drank Cytomax and mixed in a water once in awhile. It seemed to do the trick with no cramps. The big test will be two months, though. Problem though: I can't find a local store which sells it.

SuperDave said...

10 miles. Great!
Cytomax is one of the sponsors of the Nashville Marathon next month. I haven't tried it yet, but they'll have at every 2 miles I'm sure.
When I do my long runs I try to keep my HR 140-145 max - never happens though. Maybe if I sat in a recliner every 1/2 mile or so..

Sherri said...

Great job on the 10 miler. When you change other factors, it's hard to tell what accounted for the good run, but either way something worked.