Tuesday, January 5, 2010

70 Degrees!

I'm back on a running schedule and I've been hitting the pavement around 6:00 am-yes, I'm back to pre-dawn runs and I'm really enjoying it. There's something really wonderful about running in moonlight, just before the sun rises and well before your average joe has even had his first cup of coffee.

And why, you may ask, am I running so early in the morning? The answer is twofold. First, I do it because I'm back at work and I prefer getting my run in before my work day starts rather than after I'm done; and secondly, because it's been averaging 65 to 70 degrees here in the afternoon. That's right, faithful readers, 70 degrees! I don't mean to make those of you who live in a colder climate jealous, but it's been downright balmy here and Hubby and I have even taken the Bugeye out for evening drives just before dinner.

Hubby keeps telling my I should just treadmill it and skip the outdoor runs; but then, he's not a runner. While he's really supportive of my addictionhabit, he just doesn't understand. Unfortunately he'll never know what it feels like to be running under a full moon in a quiet neighborhood with only a stray cat and an occasional horse in a pasture for company. It's mornings like I've had this week that make me wish I was a poet, and could describe the feeling so that a non-runner could understand why those of us who run do what we do.


Sarah said...

Do you have a spare room???? ;) It was a high of 20 here today....20!!!!

greentigress said...

Wow - beautiful writing anyway - as a runner i am with you

funderson said...

seriously...I'm moving in!

robison52 said...

I wish my better half would understand my running passion, but it's like trying to describing colors to a blind person. What's nice about the internet is that we runners can relate to eachother!

The temperatures in Vegas has been perfect for running, the early morning hours are in the 50's!!!