Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, faithful readers, it's a new year full of promise. I kind of floundered a bit, running-wise, after I finished the marathon; now it's time to focus on new goals. I haven't been running as much as I wanted to this last month. I took 2 weeks off after the race and then I caught a horrible cold so it's all been very short runs. I just filled in my calendar for the next 3 months and my goal is to rebuild my base and achieve a 40 mile average per week with at least a 12 mile long run-a 15 miler occasionally would be lovely! I have a race in February so there's plenty of time to prepare and all I have to do is decide if I want to do the 5k or the 10k.

I just checked my log and last year I ran a whopping total of 1426 miles. My longest run of the year, naturally was 26.2 miles. Oddly, I seem to have slowed down last year-perhaps I sacrificed speed for distance? That's another goal I'd like to meet for 2010-get faster. It would be nice to finish a half marathon ahead of another runner.

I'm still working and I hope the decision to return to work wasn't a mistake. I'm going to talk to my boss and reiterate that I'll be coming in late because I want to continue running in the mornings. It hasn't been a problem so far because we're so slow at work that I can make my own hours; however this month I'll be busy with year end projects and I'm going to have to get creative with my schedule to fit in my runs. As much as I hate it, the treadmill may become my new best friend this year.

So Happy New Year, everyone! Keep running and I hope you all have a healthy, prosperous new year!

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greentigress said...

yeah I'm with you with that goal! not last in a half - i wonder if i will be last ROFL....
GREAT to hear about your mileage goals - and very very happy for you - sucks about the cold but hey