Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Skating

When I'm doing housework I usually have the tv on, mostly for background noise and occasionally to listen to a movie or program I'm kind of interested in. I only have 3 channels so my programming choices are limited especially on Sundays because I'm not much of a pro sports fan. So today, while working on a sewing project, I have a choice of a football game, an infomercial for some kitchen gadget, or figure skating. I opted for figure skating, and I've come to a major conclusion regarding the male ice skaters. I watched them for most of the afternoon and my opinion is based on certain moves they make during their performances and their costume choices.

I have determined that the movie "Blades of Glory" was not a funny spoof of male figure skaters. It was a documentary.

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Casey said...

Oliver and I were discussing this exact thing the other night. I guess it's difficult to have masculine dance-skating moves. In fact, I think the term would probably be considered an oxymoron!