Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 Miles, pt.2

I woke up today with no leg pain and no coughing fits. So I said to myself, "Self, today is the day that you find out just how much conditioning you've lost. You will get dressed, put on your Garmin and your new IPod, and go outside and run. You will not concern yourself with distance or pace or anything but putting one foot in front of another". So that is what I did and I completed 4 miles at an excruciatingly slow pace; but I did it with no stopping or walking. It's better than I expected-I would have been happy with 2 miles.

Oh, the joy of the IPod Shuffle! I knew I wasn't going to survive running without music and since certain (insert expletive) jerks stole the charger for my old MP3, I splurged on the Shuffle. It's definitely a better choice than my old Sony. I love the randomness of the music with the Shuffle, a feature the Sony didn't have. Will the next song be Beethoven or the Beatles? Bagpipes or the Rolling Stones? I have eclectic tastes in music, I like almost everything, and my Shuffle reflects that. And wow-I can buy songs for 99 cents! How awesome is that! I know people of a certain age like to reminisce about the "good old days", but honestly, when you can buy songs one at a time for less than a buck, then load them into a little device the size of a matchbook, and then actually listen to those songs-and you can have 100s of songs stored in that cute little matchbook thingy-it just doesn't get better than that. Who else here remembers buying a record album because you really liked one song on the album, and all the other songs were duds? I always felt cheated. Don't get me wrong-I'm kind of happy that I grew up in the 60s. Being a kid at that time was actually a lot of fun. But electronically speaking, it's way better now and I love my gadgets-it makes me wonder what's next?


Sarah said...

Congrats on a great run!
I have an iPod and love it!! A few times I have accidentally left it at home and I never enjoy my run as much without it.

Hope you continue to feel better!

BeachRunner said...


Stan said...

Congrats on getting back into it. I bet you'll be back to your old pace faster than you know it. As for the IPOD, I have an older classic 30gb. It's a bit klunky but I couldn't imagine running without it. Recently I stumble upon some podcasts called Podrunner. Like you I listen to about anything that I can find. These are techoish music and they claim the tempos of the music are set to how many BPMs you want to get to. (haven't tested this out yet) But they are a nice change of pace and best of all they are free. Each is about an hour long. You should check them out.

And yes, I have a box of old records in storage that I look at and say hey that was a cool song why did the rest of the album suck so bad. This is what started all the piracy in the first place. People were tired of paying 15-20 bucks for a CD to get one song. Itunes and sites like that are really nice and you can hear snippets of the music as well. Ok I am rambling...

Grats again :) Oh yeah one more thing that little mexican restaurant near work doesn't have tamales :( So I will ahve to track them down some place else, unless I wait for your New Years Party :P

SuperDave said...

You have a good conditioning, so
I think you will be back to normal in no time.
I'm like you with my collection of different kind of music. Classical to Alternative. 50's to modern. I like it all. Of course the 70's is my fav.. It brings me back to my childhood.

Sherri said...

good for you on the successful run. It's technology amazing!

greentigress said...

How liberating to run without a garmin,, i don't think i could

My 30G has stopped being able to scroll, but luckily i have a 4 gb one that was a gift from someone i hardly know,,, when he got his mega - phone - computer!!

Now i just have to update it a bit more often i think, I do like listneing to the whole album but might try the shuffle feature today (for the hell of it)... it's cool, shuffle, it's all i can do on my car connection!!!! LOL

great run!

The Running Bob said...

The Shuffle, an absolute must for the runner for the same stated reasons! Love the size, love shuffle, love capacity, love the downloads.

Don't like the earbuds that come with it as they pop out of my ears. I bought a Sony pair that has an adjustable, over-the-top ear piece. It also came with different sized, soft rubber buds for small to large size, ear channels.

I also drop the wire down the back of my shirt such I'm not running with flaying wire.

Yea, as you can see from above...I love my shuffle and have a unique relationship. (Ha!)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Tanya, I never knew you would not melt in the rain, thats always my excuse for not going out in the rain "I might melt". Luv U Mom