Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swap Meet Oysters

Hubby and I spent the day wandering around our local swapmeet, looking for our stolen stuff-you never know where it might pop up. So we're walking around, making sarcastic comments about the sellers and buyers. And I notice a sign on the tailgate of a truck that says "Fresh Oysters". Holy Cow. Why would you think that the swapmeet, on a hot day in California, when it's oh, maybe 75 degrees or more, in an open parking lot, would be a good place to sell oysters? More importantly, who in their right mind would BUY oysters at a swapmeet? I can picture some guy coming home after spending the day at the swapmeet and dropping a used plastic grocery bag on the kitchen counter and telling wifey, "Honey, it's oysters Rockefeller for us tonight! And I bought them first thing this morning, before the oyster guy sold out. I've been lugging them all over the swapmeet for hours while I was looking for an Elvis on velvet painting for you. Crack these puppies open and start cookin!".

Now, I'm neither an oyster expert nor a fan. But don't you have to keep shellfish really cold? And isn't it supposed to be really fresh? It seems to me that oysters are a bit like sushi-you sort of want to know where it came from and how long it's been sitting around. I just don't think I would trust tailgate swapmeet oysters.

And we didn't find any of our stuff, either. But I almost bought a Crosby Stills and Nash album because I had the same album in my youth and it has Marrakesh Express on it. Remember the album with the 3 guys just sitting on a sofa? Anyway, I digress. I didn't buy the album because I don't have a record player and I can always just buy the song online and download it to my MP3 player. Swapmeets-ya gotta love them. Odd people, weird stuff for sale, and you can walk away with a little piece of your youth for just a few bucks. Or you can buy salmonella on the half shell for the whole family!


BeachRunner said...

ROFL. Funny post. Good move passing on the oysters.

On Long Island, we used to have "flea markets" years ago, but you dont see those any more. E-Bay killed them off, along with the local neighborhood "garage sales." We never had swapmeets 'round these parts, as far as I know.

Sarah said...

Too funny! I cannot imagine who in their right mind would buy oysters at a swap meet. :)

We have on here every Sunday in the spring and summer. Usually a lot of junk, but every once in a while I find something neat.

Re: your blog comments, if I was Barbie I would totally pick GI Joe over Ken...Ken seems a bit helpless to me. :)

SuperDave said...

funny stuff

greentigress said...

HeHeHe! you can get bad food poisoning from the best oysters! lol!

WendyBird said...

Ewe Ick! I used to work at the O.C. Swap Meet, definitely not a place to buy food, particularly shell fish!
Sorry you didn't find your stuff though :-(