Friday, January 23, 2009

4 miles

I ran 4 miles on the deadmill yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I expected; I completed the run with a couple of walk breaks so maybe all is not lost and I'm still a runner. I won't be outside for days because of the rain-we've finally started our "monsoon" season which means much needed rain for a few weeks. I wanted to attempt a 6 miler today but my left leg is very painful this morning. I don't know what I did but it hurts. I'm thinking I'll just try walking on the mill and see what happens. If it hurts too much I'll give it a rest and try again Saturday. Or maybe the elliptical? I do, after all, have options. I'm trying to figure out how runners know when they're actually injured and need a rest and when they're just sore and can continue to run. Is that something that comes with experience? Will I finally know my body well enough someday that I can just tell when it's an injury and when it's something else? These are the times when I wish I was independantly wealthy and I had a personal trainer (as well as a chef, house keeper, and pool boy to go with the olympic pool).


BeachRunner said...

Nice run, but sorry to hear about the leg pain. It is normal to feel general soreness or some tightness after workouts and runs. Sometimes it develops hours after (or even 1 day after) a workout. That is normal.

Knowing what is good pain definitely comes with experience. But remember this, no workout should ever cause excruciating, debilitating or sharp pain - that is a sign to stop immediately and RICE.

WendyBird said...

I'm making progress faster this time around, so even if you lose a bit, you will get it back quickly. If I can come back, anybody can, LOL.

The Running Bob said...


Looking forward to a race is one way to find some motivation! Although somewhat off in the distance, I'm looking forward to the Vegas race and a link was finally posted for Vegas on the San Diego site.

I'm very excited as this will be my wife's first time in Vegas and hopefully her back will be healed in time -- talk about an injury that leaves you flat on your back and emotionally in the dumps.

SuperDave said...

I know what you mean..
It's hard to tell about injuries. I've had a few pains here and there and I often wonder if it's the start to an injury.