Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still no running

I tried running yesterday for the first time in some time. I started out ok, felt tired but I thought I could tough it out. Then I started feeling dizzy and had some really bad coughing fits and walked a bit. I felt dizzy and really off again and realized I can't run yet. I managed 2 very crappy miles and now I'm scared-what if I have to start from scratch? This is very, very bad. I finally got in to see the doc. The bottom line is I have the bug everybody has right now and basically I have to wait it out. And I have 2 broken eardrums, which explains the excruciating earaches I had over the weekend and the current almost total deafness. Crap.

OK, so let's consider this. If I have to start over, I start over. I'm thinking it won't take me as long this time to get back to some decent mileage; I'll know what I'm doing this time instead of being a total newbie and sort of guessing at what I should do. And I'm going to at least try some run/walks on the deadmill in the meantime so I don't lose every ounce of conditioning I had, and I'll be in the safety of my own home in case I get dizzy again. And walking on the deadmill is better than nothing, right? Right. So-I've done it before, I can do it again.


Sherri said...

I seriously doubt you will have to start over. You just need to get well, completely well. Then you will be back to your old self or close to it. hang in there.

Stan said...

A couple of my co workers got this. Luckly I was offsite working on a project when it came through. They were down for a couple weeks. You will get through this.

The deadmill is my life right now. Its so cold outide right now that your face hurts when you go out to just cross the street. It's a good way to keep it up and like you said it's better than nothing.

You won't have to start over, you will overcome this and be stronger for it. Hang in there.

Besides this just gives me time to catch up :) (kidding)

robison52 said...

No worries! You'll still be aerobically fit and have muscle memory, hence it won't take you very long to get back to normal. You can't keep a good runner down!!

Bob Hazen said...

Just get better, the conditioning will come back pretty fast

Sarah said...

I think that you will be surprised that you have not lost that much. In the fall I had to take 2 weeks off and I didn't feel that I had lost much at all.
Feel better soon!!