Friday, February 13, 2009

Dante got it wrong.

When I was going through my intellectual hippie stage (circa 1973) I read a lot of the classics, including Dante's Inferno. After today's deadmill run, I can attest that he had it all wrong, probably because treadmills weren't invented in 1310. I did 8 miles on the mill because it was raining. I kept waiting, hoping against hope, that the rain would stop. It didn't. So here's my view of hell:

You are on the treadmill, and it's set for 8 miles. You have no tv and nothing to look at but a closet door. You get within 1/4 mile of finishing the run, and your treadmill suddenly sets back to 0 and you have to do it all over again. And again. And again. At least, that's the way it felt. And oh, yeah-your Ipod? Well you do have one, but the only song it plays is the Pina Colada song. Over and over and over.

That's what my run felt like. And about 15 minutes after I finished the run, the rain stopped. And my new tv was delivered later this afternoon. Sigh.


Sarah said...

The longest I can manage on the treadmill is 4. Any longer than that and I would go crazy. I just can't stare at a concrete wall for that long. :)

Good for you...8 miles on the treadmill...that is an accomplishment!

Dustie said...

I can't imagine 8 on the treadmill......but I'm sure I will have my days...since I'm actually getting a treadmill as soon as it gets delivered....but your visions cracked me up - even tho I know it's not funny! Congrats on it tho!!! I love the Pina Colada song...hehe

WendyBird said...

...but if you had had your TV or run outside, it wouldn't have been such a huge accomplishment :-) You rock!

I liked the Pina Colada song until I actually listened to the lyrics. Sheesh!

The Running Bob said...'s that time of the year, indoor training. PUNISHMENT: Looking at a closet door for 8 miles reminds me when I was 3 and had to stand in the corner.