Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today is crosstraining day, as I am transitioning to the same schedule I'll be following for my marathon training. My plan calls for 4 days of running, 1 day of crosstraining, 2 days rest. So I'm experimenting by doing a half hour of the elliptical and 1/2 hour of treadmill walking while playing with the incline.

I have a thing for free stuff. I will walk around Costco ten times if that's what it takes to get the equivalent of a full meal from their free samples-Hubby calls it a "cheap date". I will spend 40 bucks in gasoline to drive to the big city to attend a health fair because I will score free stuff. I always walk out with bags full of freebies. It's just my frugal (translation: cheap) nature. So at the last health fair I attended, I scored some running supplements that I intend to use during my next few long runs. I got Power Bar Gel Blasts, (cola flavored); Clif Shot Bloks, Life Fitness energy beans,which are basically caffeine and B12, and Cytomax performance drink. If I understand the labels correctly, any one of these products will increase my stamina, enable me to run hundreds of miles without fatigue or pain, and make me look like Angelina Jolie when I'm done running. Hubby is really excited about the Angelina Jolie thing.

So stay tuned, faithful readers-let's find out if these things actually do any good. Heck, if they work as well as they claim, I should be able to run to your homes all over the western hemisphere and personally let you know how I'm doing.


Sarah said...

I LOVE free stuff! In college my husvand and I used to say "If it's free, it's for me!" I would love to hear what you think of your stuff. I have been thinking of trying the shot blocks.

BeachRunner said...

Yay for freebies and experimenting. Enjoy!

Sherri said...

We would get along very well. I'm thrifty(cheap) by nature too!
I have never had any of those power bars. My son uses them but I never have. Even when I did my half marathons. I like the jelly bean type thingys.

SuperDave said...

This is so funny. What happens when you go back for 2nd's and 3rd's of the free cheese and crackers? ahaha