Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Day, Sunshine

Finally, FINALLY, after death by treadmill for what seemed like an eternity, I was able to squeeze in a run between rainstorms this morning. I sat at the computer, watching the weather, hoping for clear skies. It finally brightened up a bit even though there were still lots of dark clouds. The thought of another run on the deadmill was like an arrow in my runner's soul and I just couldn't do it again. I decided to run outdoors, stick close to home in case the skies opened up and we got another downpour, and take a risk. I planned a 6 miler and did 7. I did get sprinkled on but it wasn't anything serious, and as I learned as a child, I'm not made of sugar and I won't melt (Hi Mom!).

My absolute favorite show, Amazing Race, started Sunday. I'm ridiculously addicted to this show. I love the tasks the contestants are given, and Hubby and I debate endlessly how we would approach various challenges-which of us would be best to do certain things, how we would work together as a team; We both know that anything requiring serious analytical thinking would be best handled by Hubby, and if animals or running (natch!) were involved then I would step up and take charge. I was surprised one season when a team had problems right from the get-go because neither of the teammates could drive a stick shift. If you watch the show enough to want to be contestants then you should know that you will be driving cars in foreign countries and chances are good that the cars will have manual transmissions. Learn to drive a stick, at the very least, before you apply to become a contestant. And you should learn to read a map.


Lily on the Road said...

Just now catching up!

Glad you were able to find some of your stolen goods, wow, what great news...

Running on the thrillmill that long would make anyone crazy...yikes

I can only drive a stick shift, last time I tried an automatic, I dropped the transmission when I tried to gear down!!

BeachRunner said...

Nice run. I love watching The Amazing Race too.