Monday, October 20, 2008

asics Nimbus 10

I ran yesterday in my new shoes, the Asics Nimbus 10s. These shoes rock! The cushioning is excellent; the arch support is excellent. The lacing took a bit to get used to-the laces are asymmetrical, running toward my big toe. I can feel the difference when I run, it's just a very slight feeling along the top of my foot but certainly not uncomfortable. The clerk that recommended the shoes told me I would feel it but that I'll get used to it pretty quickly. He was right; by mile 3 I really didn't notice it.

This is why I buy my shoes at a real running store. I don't consider myself experienced enough to make a good decision regarding shoes on my own. I can go to the store, talk to an experienced runner, and get practical advice on the shoe that's right for me. And he gave me a free pair of socks, too-I love free stuff!

So my plan is to wear these shoes to about the 100 mile mark and then buy another pair and rotate them. I'm thinking that I will get more mileage out of both pairs this way. Oh, the joy of new running shoes!


BeachRunner said...

High five homegirl. I wear the same kicks and love them. Happy running in your new shoes.

robison52 said...

I love new running shoes too! I also have two pairs of stability shoes that I rotate (Nike and Brooks) one pair of racing shoes (ASICS) and soon I'll need to shop around for a pair of trail shoes for my future training for my first ultra...then I'll have FOUR running shoes, I feel like I'm the Imelda Marcos of runners!!