Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Place Runner for President

No running for 2 days now. Not a single mile; not even a casual walk. The reason is I am TIRED! Hubby and I were up really late Saturday, what with pizza and beer and a movie with friends; I didn't hit the pillows until after midnight. So we took it really easy Sunday. Then we were up at 3 am this morning to see someone off at the airport. I came home with the intention of doing at least a short run, but you all know what they say about good intentions. I figure it's ok to add an extra rest day this week. It's a fall back week, so I'm just really falling back a lot!

I think I have never in my life been so unenthusiastic and uninterested in politics during an election year. I just can't get behind either candidate; I have serious issues with both. So, since I don't like either the "blue" or the "red" candidate, maybe I should run. I can tell you right now, I would certainly whip things into shape:

All running gear and exercise equipment will be tax free. Food is tax free because we need it, so I'm thinking since exercise is necessary it should be tax free as well. That includes everything from socks to treadmills.

If you don't follow your doctor's advise, you have to pay him double. That's to cover his frustration for all his patients who refuse to lose weight and exercise.

Entry fees for races will be tax deductible. Just keep the receipts with your tax records.

Any military personnel serving overseas don't have to pay income tax until they come home. Just send the IRS proof of your service overseas and you're good to go. I just don't think we do enough for these guys and gals.

If you have any health problems that you yourself caused by irresponsible behaviour, such as smoking or eating bacon every day for 20 years or trying to jump a skateboard ramp with an atv or refusing to wear a seat belt while driving a car, and you have health insurance, your deductible will automatically be increased by 200%. If you don't have health insurance, you have to pay the medical bills for your care even if it takes you years and years to pay the bills off. I just figure you should step up to the plate when it comes to your own health.

All politicians will have an implant that reads their vital signs and gives them a shock whenever they tell a lie. It would be enough to hurt at least a little and make them jump a bit so we can all tell when they lied (oops, I think the current PC term for this is "mis-spoke"). Of course, with some of them they would be jumping around like idiots with every word that comes out of their mouths.

I am Last Place Runner, and I approve this message.


Sarah said...

LOL! I like your ideas! Can we write you in??

BeachRunner said...

Woooo! That's what I like. You've got my vote.

Sherri said...

justso you know, active military serving overseas do not have to pay income tax on their earnings already. good idea. someone already thought so and passed that law a long time ago. but you are right, we don't do enough for them.

Allen said...

Gotta make sure I spell your name right when I write you in. Let's see, l a s t p 0h, no, that doesn't sound right. How about changing your name to firstplacepresident?