Monday, October 27, 2008

Avila Beach Concours

I had a very nice 4 miler this morning; our fog is back! I love running in the heavy fog. It's almost like running in a light rain and I'm usually soaked by the time I get home. I picked up the pace a bit and that actually seemed to help me get out of the running funk I've been in for a while. Maybe my problem is not that I'm running too much, but I'm running too slow?

We spent yesterday at the Avila Beach Concours d'Elegance. Thats just an upscale car show. Think Rolls Royce and Ferrari rather than Chevy and Ford. This one is a bit more easy going than your typical Concours; not many women in expensive dresses and elaborate hats or men in suits. The caliber of the cars on display, however, was outstanding. In particular was a hearse from around the 1920s, beautifully restored, with amazing woodwork on the body. Talk about "going in style"!

Hubby and I worked as volunteers, a great way to experience a nice car show. We worked crowd control, not too hard as most people that go to these events are pretty laid back and friendly. Then after our 3 hour shift we visited with lots of friends, walked around admiring the cars, and visited the food and wine tasting booth. Actually we visited the wine tasting booth several times. OK, I spent a considerable amount of time in the wine tasting booth. The proceeds from the event went to our local hospice program so I hope they made lots of money.

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BeachRunner said...

The car show sounds like a great time and for a great cause (especially since you did it with hubby and added lots of wine to the mix).

Running in the fog sounds awesome. I want to do it NOW.