Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Men in Kilts

I did a slow 7 miles today. Sheesh..I cannot figure out our weather; it's weird even for us. The last 2 days have been cold enough to break out the sweatshirts so I'm thinking I'll head out late for my run and avoid the cold. Then it turns out we're back to 80 plus degree weather after 2 days of cold and my run was warm.

Saturday we spent the whole day at a Scottish festival. Bagpipes are played, all things Scottish are sold (my favorite tshirt: "Items under this kilt are larger than they appear"), and there are many men (including Hubby) wearing kilts. My favorite event is the caber toss. Think of very large men and some not so large women throwing a telephone pole. They try to get the caber to flip end over end and land perfectly straight in front of them. I watched a woman not much bigger than me toss the caber perfectly every time. the contestant has to pick it up and balance the caber on one shoulder, take several steps forward and then hoist it up and over. It takes not only strength but balance and technique as well.

so we watched the games, enjoyed the pipers, I walked in the parade with my clan, and generally had a really great day. If there is a Scottish festival near you, I highly recommend that you go. You don't even have to be Scottish to enjoy it. Hubby has a great time, and he's French!


BeachRunner said...

Who doesnt love a parade and men in skirts?

WendyBird said...

It must be the season for Scottish festivals. In our area it includes all things Celtic so my Irish dancing daughter performed at one weekend before last. The caber toss is my favorite too. They were teaching people how to do it with big cardboard tubes that sounded really funny when they hit the ground!


robison52 said...

Las Vegas is having roller-coaster type weather too, but the 80 degrees isn't going to last long here!