Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The need for speed

I had another good run today, 7 miles through the fog. I managed to actually think about my pace and trying to speed things up a bit and it worked. I was spent by the end of the run but spent in a good way. I'm thinking I'm ready to push forward and go at least a little faster. At least if I do that I'll be done with my runs sooner!


BeachRunner said...

Nice! High five.

SuperDave said...

Thanks so much for coming by - the more the merrier, I always say..
You must forgive me for my oddity at times in my posts, but I am kook.. :)
Very nice LBC. I bet it is a blast to drive.
How are your shoes working for you?
I have the same - Asics Gel Nimbus 10, but of course much, much larger. haha
You are so much more of a runner than I am - 1000 miles this year. Fantastic!
I hope that California weather is treating you good..

The Running Bob said...

Recently, you really seemed to be kicking some butt! Way to go!