Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deadmill day

I had to do the deadmill thing today. I know, most of us call it the dreadmill, for me it's the deadmill because it just kills me to use it. Having said that, I'm glad I have one for days like this when I'm too busy to get out in the morning for a run and it's too hot and windy in the afternoon to run outside when I finally have the time. I did use a new feature on my deadmill-I can use a pre-set program that changes the speed and incline at varied intervals for a somewhat more interesting workout. It seemed to help, especially since I only have 3 TV channels and there's nothing to watch at 2:30 except Judge Judy. Seriously-if you saw my bedroom you would laugh; it looks like a cheap gym. I have my deadmill and my elliptical both in my bedroom. Lucky for me, when we built our house years ago before I was the diva of running hubby and I both wanted a really big bedroom. We have our bed, 3 dressers and the workout stuff all in the bedroom and there's still lots of room. One of the advantages of building a home-you get EXACTLY what you ask for!

When we built the house, we went to a very good friend who is an excellent contractor. I've heard lots of horror stories about builders who did shoddy work or went over budget; our experience was totally different. Everything I really, truly love about my house is due to suggestions by our builder/friend. Hubby and I occasionally joke that if we don't like our house, we have no one to blame but ourselves since we pretty much designed the house!


Sarah said...

I HATE it too! I am lucky to have one for the days when I can't run outside, but I don't enjpy it nearly the way I enjoy running outside. I usually do my speed workout when I have to do the treadmill...just to keep it interesting.

SuperDave said...

Looks like we all have to pay homage to that darn thing every once in a while.. haha