Friday, November 21, 2008

Walk breaks, pt3

I ran an easy 10 miler today with walk breaks. It was kind of weird, though. I started the run with the intention of taking walk breaks at every mile. That worked really well; then at mile 5 I felt really good so I skipped the break. I didn't take another break until mile 8 when I was coming up to the dreaded hill; walked through that, then ran the rest of the 10 miles and ran it pretty strong to the end. My pace was dead on for me for a long run. It was weird because breaks or no breaks, I'm usually done in by mile 10 and this time I finished pretty strong. I'm definitely going to experiment with walking breaks and the best time to utilize them.


Sarah said...

I have been trying some walking breaks myself, but find that sometimes I feel worse after one. I stop to walk for a minute and then my body just does not want to go back to running. I am interested to hear more about your experimentation.

BeachRunner said...

Your training is paying dividends. You are really getting strong. Great job.