Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pugsley is back

I did a pretty decent 5 miler today, but I had to get out the door at 6 friggin 30 am to do it. It's been really hot, really early in the day. This isn't good right now, with the fire situation here. Hopefully the weatherman is correct and it's going to cool down .

We (meaning Hubby) pulled the rear end on Pugsley this weekend. Turns out, it wasn't the axle as we thought, but a busted spider gear. While this is not good, at least it isn't as expensive as a transmission; we got a new rear end for just a tick over $100 and performed a rear-endectomy and transplant. I'm trying to think of an analogy with the human body and I'm coming up blank. Maybe at a later date I'll think of something amusing for all of you, my faithful readers (Hi Mom!).

I took some really good pictures of the rear end, the busted gear, some pretty cool stuff. I downloaded it to the computer. I was going to add the pictures to my post. Only now, they're floating around somewhere in my computer and I can't find them. So of course, I tried downloading them 10 more times or so. So now there's probably 10 copies floating around inside my computer. If I ever manage to find them again, I'll show you what broke. Stupid computer!


Sherri said...

funny about the photos out in computerland. I do that! glad the car isn't toooooo bad

BeachRunner said...

Bummer about the pics. Good job on the rearendectomy. LOL.