Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Marathon man

I had an interesting Dr. appointment today. I went to a dermatologist, a new doctor for me, and the room I was put in had walls covered with marathon posters-Los Angeles, Portland, Long Beach, probably 10 different posters. I realized that one of the frames had 8 medals on display, and one was from the mighty Boston Marathon. so when the doctor came in, of course I had to ask him if he was the runner in the office, and he was. He's run Boston 3 times, every 10 years, and he said he already has his bib and hotel room for 2009 when he will run in honor of his 60th birthday. We spent some time talking about running and he encouraged me to try a marathon, telling me that if I can do a half, I can train for and complete a full marathon, and he even recommended the Long Beach marathon as a good first full mary.

It was an interesting conversation and he's the second doctor I've gone to that runs. I'm toying with doing a marathon in 2010, and I enjoy talking to people who are experienced marathoners and have such a positive perspective about running 26.2 miles. Somehow it makes it seem do-able, and not just a dream.


Sarah said...

I say go for it! I would love to read about you training for a marathon!

BeachRunner said...

Someone is trying to tell you it is your destiny. Go for it.

robison52 said...

My dentist is a tri-athlete who races "sprint triathlons" and every dental visit we spend at least 30 minutes chatting about running...she's trying to get me to race my first tri, and I'm trying to encourage her to run her first marathon. Runners are family and they truly want to motivate us to be the best we can be. If you can dream a marathon, you can run a marathon...go for it!!!