Monday, November 24, 2008

Virtual race

I ran a "virtual" race yesterday, thanks to Dustie-a 5 miler. I decided since it was a race I would watch my pace and see just how fast I could go for 5 miles. I surprised myself-I finished in 48:10 which gives me a blazing pace of 9:37 with decent negative splits throughout the run. The run gave me confidence that next spring I might even manage a 10k under one hour. I came home completely spent and very happy, and told Hubby I ran so fast and hard I thought I was going to throw up at the end. He commented that no one but a committed runner would consider that a good thing! I'm wondering if I can use my 5 mile run as a pace run, watch my pace carefully and keep it on the fast end rather than slow, and stretch the distance slowly until I'm running 6 miles at a faster pace.

The nephews came over yesterday and we had a blast. My front yard has a high embankment; so Hubby got big pieces of cardboard for them and they road the cardboard down the embankment, sled style. My older nephew even managed to stand up and "surf" down, and I even road down a couple of times! No batteries required; just a piece of cardboard and a hill and we all had a really great time.


BeachRunner said...

Great job on the run. You are really getting speedy. Hmm, you are inspiring me to occasionally kick it up a notch.

Dustie Jo said...

Great job!!! I will have a blog about the virtual race up are not going to believe it...I'm embarrassed that I didn't run my own virtual race....You rocked it tho!! I will definitely be planning another one in December! (that I will actually run myself!)

SuperDave said...

lastplacerunner....WRONG!! I believe you smoked my 5 mile split!
and you said you were slow.. Silly girl.
Great run and isn't it great too throw in some speed every once in a while!
I'm running a 5 mile Turkey Trot on TD and I'm looking for a faster run if I can get over my soreness..

Sherri said...

You are heading toward your goal of under 1 hour for a 10K for sure!! good going