Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I did intervals today. Usually when I intend to do intervals, it works like this: I leave the house thinking I'm going to do intervals. I do the warmup, then start a fast interval, then decide it's too hard and I'm not ready for it, so I decide to just run x miles and do fartleks instead. Because fartleks are the same thing without all the watch checking right? So I do one fartlek. For maybe 10 yards. And then I just give up and just run.

Today was different. I was going to do a tempo run instead of the intervals my plan calls for since obviously I'm not going to really do the intervals anyway. But I felt really good at the start of the run, picked up the pace, then decided what the heck, let's put the pedal to the metal and see what I can do. So I ran really fast for a 1/4 mile by my garmin and thought that wasn't too bad; did a 1/4 rest and did the interval again. The bottom line is I did 4 real genuine intervals!
Yay me.

Hubby was completely disgusted last night by a promo we saw on TV for a reality show where a bunch of Hollywood B listers perform circus acts. We are so not going to watch the show. And it led to a conversation in which we invented a reality show that I think would be much more entertaining-Celebrity Dueling! Here's how it works:
Get a dozen celebrity types together. They each will get an antique flintlock rifle; the kind carried by our forefathers in the Revolutionary War. Each celebrity will be given training by an expert on how to load and shoot the gun. Then, they will face off in a duel. The beauty of the concept is that these guns are notoriously inaccurate; when a flintlock rifle was bench tested, it hit a man sized target only 4 times out of 100 shots.

You could have Sean Connery and Simon Cowell face of with Scottish pistols from that era. You could have Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears in skimpy costumes complaining about how heavy the guns are. I haven't worked out whether they all have to be a duel to the death, or if the celebrities are eliminated if they just get wounded. And there should be some sort of point system with judges. And definitely voting by the public.

If any Hollywood producers read my blog-call me.

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