Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Yesterday was complete rest, which means my butt did not leave the sofa pretty much the entire day. No laundry, no gardening, no cars were washed; I literally did'nt do anything except watch the race and then read.

So today was a nice comfy 4 mile run. No soreness in my hips and legs afterwards so I'm thinking the extra day of rest is neccessary. And no dogs today, either!

We went to a Memorial Day service this morning; Hubby and I have been attending this particular service for several years and we take a selection of guns for display, everything from Revolutionary War period to Vietnam era. The kids are so funny. I can tell they would love to actually hold a gun that was around when Ben Franklin was alive or that may have been used in a civil war battle, but they're usually a little shy about asking. So I will offer to let them hold the gun and Mom or Dad will get a picture. They are always shocked by how heavy the guns are! And often the gun is taller than the kid.

So, in honor of the day, may I just say that it's important to honor those who currently serve this country, those that have served in the past, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as honoring their families.

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