Friday, May 23, 2008

Running unplugged

Yesterday I ran without all the usual accoutrements I carry on a typical run. It wasn't intentional, I just forgot to charge my Garmin, so decided what the heck, I'll leave the MP3 home too. So, 4 miles sans music or splits or checking my pace. My training schedule called for race pace, I just decided to run at a high percieved effort since I have no idea how fast I actually ran. I didn't run as fast as I should have, I still had a little gas in the tank at the end of the run. I have to work on pushing myself more. I know I'm capable of a faster pace, it's just so darned hard!

I actually enjoyed running without all the stuff. Maybe my recovery runs should all be unplugged.

Today is a rest day. We will be shopping for plumbing fixtures to mount a brass faucet I have that a friend brought me from her trip to Venice. It's very beautiful and looks like a dragon. Unfortunately, the threads are European and don't fit our stuff over here. I have a perfect idea in my head of how I want it mounted. Hubby says it's going to be really hard to mount it properly so it's functional. Unfortunately for him, I'm just the idea person. It's his job to implement my ideas. I'm sure he can figure out a way to hook it up so it works and it looks just like I want it to. He has'nt failed me yet.

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