Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last place

I ran my long run of 9 miles today and had a very good run, except for dogs. For some reason every nasty dog in the neighborhood was loose and I had to stop 3 times so they would'nt chase me. They were all the little yippy kind, the kind that would just love to tear a hole in your ankle. Otherwise, it was a good run-good in that I finished the distance, and I met my pace goal. I found a pace calculator determined by my race time. I like it because it gives a pace range for several types of runs- long, easy, tempo and recovery. My long run pace should be 10:50 to 11:50; today I ran 9 miles at 11:18. Now you know why I'm the last place runner!

Speaking of last place, Hubby and I met an aquaintance of Hubby's at Costco yesterday, and Hubby mentioned that we saw his name on the results page for the 10k I entered last month. So naturally we talked about running and racing, although he is way beyond my level-he and his wife have done several marathons. Anyway, I asked if he was entering the local half marathon next month, and told him that last year I came in dead last. He laughed, said he and his wife were running it, and that he came in dead last when they first had the race, 27 years ago!

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