Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skirting the issue

Today should be a 4 miler, but I'm considering taking an extra day off. My legs just plain ache, and I think I'm feeling the effects of 6 days of running. I'll see how I feel this evening when it cools down and maybe I'll give it a try then. Or not...

Running skirts. When I first saw one, I thought it was very cool. Sort of like a tennis skirt, but without the pockets. So I finally got one, but I can't bring myself to wear it to a race. I will wear it on training runs around my little 4 mile loop, but not to races. The problem is not the skirt, but my age. I have finally reached the stage in my life where I have to be careful about wearing something that's just too young for me.

Go to your local big box discount store-Walmart, Kmart, that sort of thing will do. Hang out for a bit, and take a look at the women. Eventually you are going to see a woman who is obviously over 50 who looks like she raided her granddaughter's closet. It's not pretty. A 50 year old woman in a mini skirt and tank top is just wrong. And it's not about her figure. Even if she has a good figure, it just looks wrong.

Don't these women have a friend? A really good friend who will say to them, "You look ridiculous. Go home and change now. You're not 18 any more."

I will stick to my somewhat conservative, boring attire-shorts and tshirt in summer, jeans and sweatshirt in winter. I'm retired. I don't dress up. And the running skirt will just have to be reserved for my weekend long run where the only people who will see me will be the dog walkers and stroller pushers in my neighborhood.

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