Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today is a rest day, which means I will do a little weight training and walk a couple of miles to do my errands downtown. Of course, living in a small town means downtown is a post office, drugstore and supermarket. None of that stuff existed when we moved here 14 years ago. If you ran out of milk or your kid needed cough syrup, you went to the liquor store. Now, we're a bedroom community of extremely high priced homes, and by high priced I mean million dollar homes in the newer part of town. Hubby and I bought our lot and built our home long before the building boom that so changed this little town. While I'm not completely against growth-after all, I can now buy groceries in a real supermarket instead of a liquor store-I'm sad to see some of the changes. This used to be a really great place to live if you had horses. You could buy a couple of acres, build a house, and keep your horses on your property. While there are still a lot of horse owners in the older sections of town, the new expensive neighborhoods don't allow you to keep livestock.

When we were trying to decide where to move to, we were driving around this town checking out houses and lots. I remember seeing a young girl walking down the main street of town with a kid in her arms-kid as in baby goat. I knew then that this was someplace I wanted to live.

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