Friday, August 29, 2008

10 Miler

I did 10 miles this morning. I skipped almost all my walking breaks, but I did take a couple, mostly just walking the uphill parts of my course. And I had to stop to chat with a neighbor and meet his new dog-a very pretty 6 month old german shepard. If she grows into her ears, she's going to be huge!

Open letter to the ants currently invading my kitchen: Your days are numbered; be forewarned. Take this message back to your queen. I'm done being all eco friendly. No more vinegar, bay leaves or lemon. I have a fogger and I'm not afraid to use it. There will be many, many ant deaths.

We went to the gun club BBQ yesterday and had way too much fun. It's held at a firing range with all sorts of targets-spinners, animal shapes, and stuff as far away as 500 yards. I shot Hubbys high powered 22 and managed to hit the targets at 500 yards; that was pretty cool. And I fired another gun, a 22 (I think) that is WW1 vintage and open sites (iron sites? not sure if that's what it's called, I just know it doesn't have a scope), shot that one at the 200 yard range and I have the sore shoulder to prove it. It's my own fault. I have a bony shoulder and it's hard for me to find a comfy spot to snug in a gun butt, so sometimes I end up snugging it up against my arm instead of my shoulder where it belongs. Everybody shot on the range until dusk, then tons of really good food and conversation.


BeachRunner said...

Nice run!! Those ants are so f*ck#d.

robison52 said...

Good run!! Won't be long and 10 miles will be easy with no walking breaks! Keep up the great work.

Lily on the Road said...

Sounds like a very interesting hobby...not the ant killing, the gun club!

Wow, you ran 10 miles with hardly any walking...that is awesome...I bow down to you!