Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trail run

I tried something completely different this morning. I'm considering a race later this month that involves trails and sand dunes. So I decided to run down to our local county park and run some of the trails there just to get a feel for something other than asphalt. And I just ran 3 miles that absolutely, completely kicked. my. butt. The first 1/2 mile or so was fine-some sand but mostly packed dirt; so far, so good. Then I hit the sand. Soft, uneven sand. I couldn't get a good rhythm going and with every step my feet just sank into the sand. And then I hit the hills. If you want a really hard workout, try running in sand-uphill. So of course, I walked a lot. It was still a good run. The park is very quiet in the morning, and I saw bunny rabbits, and quail, and even some deer, and it really is a pretty park. It's just so darned isolated.

Note to self-when you come back from a trail run, DO NOT take your shoes off in the bedroom. I couldn't believe how much sand I brought home in my shoes!

If I didn't have my obssessive fear of hockey mask wearing axe murderers, I would run there more often. And mountain lions. My fear of mountain lions keeps me off the park trails as well. And bats.

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BeachRunner said...

Sounds like a beautiful spot to run, the isolation is nice as long as the serial killers, bats and lions are still sleeping when you run in the morning.

Running on sand is really tough. I dont like to do it (despite my blog name). LOL at the sand in the bedroom.